It appears Latvian singer Aminata Savadogo has some new songs out, and curses, I have already missed out on a great track called “Your Arms“. Not to worry, because in response to this Aminata has swiftly followed up with another new song “Prime Time“, which I believe is her most electrifying effort to date.

If you ask me, after Aminata’s success at Eurovision 2015 with “Love Injected“, she really should have made a bigger impact on the international music scene. If you got to check out the debut album “Inner Voice” you will have discovered it’s packed with ideas and some well-executed pop songs. It certainly gives a broader insight into Aminata’s diversity in her artistry and the reason why I have been keen to keep an eye on her career.

Prime Time” sees Aminata exploring the pop/R’n’B hybrid further. There is a touch of urban allure about Aminata’s vocals which sound particularly fresh. The video runs a parallel story to the lyrics of the song. Thus the storyboard goes like this. Girl see’s a cute boy, she then puts in her best efforts to have him notice her. There is dancing. All Aminata wants is some prime time with the hot guy.

Find Aminata on:
Facebook: https://facebook.com/savadogoaminata
Twitter: @AminataSavadogo
Instagram: aminata_savadogo