Thirty-fiveDuran Duran long years… that is longer than I’ve been alive! 35 years is enough time to show everyone else on the music scene that you have what it takes to be called legendary. For the boys of Duran Duran, they’ve taken their legendary status and turned it over on its head. By adding a little bit of new (with Janelle Monae) and a little bit of old (with Nile Rodgers), Duran Duran has exhibited a refreshing form of pop music in their latest video, from their 14th studio album Paper Gods, ‘Pressure Off’.

A simple, yet classy, black and white video that give you the right vibes. What can make you feel a little lighter than air than a song that can make you dance? When one is not in control of their own limbs, the pressure of reality is gone. ‘Pressure Off’ gives that illusion of losing the hard woes of the day as the Janelle, Nile, and the band slowly jumps into the air as the metaphor of gravity as pressure is lifted. With its nasty funk thrown in the mix by Nile’s classic guitar you can’t help but tap your foot and let loose along with the stars in front of you.

One may say that the video is too simple. ‘Pressure off’ gives the vision of Duran Duran doing what they do best. No gimmicks, no tricks, just straight entertainment. Never forgetting they’re a band first. Only true legends can pull that off.