It is appropriate that Kesha’s comeback single “Praying” is raw with emotion, defiant and empowering.

I’m not going to rake up or dig into the string of incidents which have lead to Kesha fighting back with this poignant song. Although, I do think she’s been very courageous in exposing some of her vulnerabilities out in the open like this. We all knew Kesha to be a warrior didn’t we? But you know, she sure has had battles put on her which undoubtedly would knock the wind out of the sails of even the most stoic of human beings.

Kesha has always been a trailblazer of sorts and “Praying” which acts as introduction to upcoming album “Rainbow” is the singer/songwriter at her most authentically giving yet. And she gets straight to grabbing us in the feels by opening up “Praying” with an emotionally charged monologue which aside from effectively seeing us all choked up, gives a bold lead into the song.

All power to Kesha, it takes a lot of someone to rise up and find the strength to go forward. For all of its glimpses of the pain endured behind this song, it’s resounding message is one of hope and finding strength in the face of adversity.

To complete and accentuate on this metamorphosis, the striking supporting visual, changes from black and white tones into a spectrum of rainbow colour. So appropriate!