BB Diamond Press Image 1

BB Diamond is the luckiest to be blessed with one of those soulfully served voices that can take off into pop, club and gospel sound at the command of a musical noted fanfare.

Pretty much BB has shown out a variety of her capabilities already. Although, let’s not forget for one quick minute she’s a fresh face with a classically accomplished voice which has the power of longevity and versatility within it, to see her through the long haul of making a name for herself in pop.

All of those strengths BB owns, will be outed one by one, which is why as she releases her third single “Praying” she’s jumping into a sound pool of urban pop met by gospel fusion.

Taking her on an old skool trip of 90’s measured dance pop beats, “Praying” with its joyful presence of positive vibes fed by piano house keys and a back-up choir of harmonizing voices give hope to all, not least BB herself in finding a soulmate.

For searching out a new female soulmate in pop, no doubt about it BB is top of the notable pop concerns whose execution is never less than immaculately delivered on all accounts.

Like in the accompanying video, where she’s practically looking every inch the goddess she is. Nothing flash, just softly focused movement and imagery. Why would BB have to do any more than this when she exudes everything already!