Most would consider Ellie Goulding a force to be reckoned with, would I be right? But did we in any way think on her possessing super human powers? Well perhaps she’s picked up some super sensory metaphysics just being put in the running as the rumoured favourite to have recorded the new James Bond Theme tune for “Spectre” who knows!

By the looks of this video both she and Tarrus have had a spoonful or two of black magic fairy dust slipped into their espresso’s which has wired the pair up on some mad crazy energy field enabling them to bend cutlery, wreak havoc at the outreaching touch their fingertips and exhort mind power to unravel a lunch time sitting at a diner.

What we are sure of in viewing Ellie’s collaboration with EDM super forces Major Lazer and Tarrus Riley on the “Powerful” pop gravitated track is that Ellie is properly running this gig! I mean Major Lazer gone pop? But you know Ellie Goulding’s on board so make the pop happening attributes, a thing. Especially if she could ruin your lunch by re-modeling your knife and fork into an altogether different shape!