The Jonas Brothers are back! Joe, Nick and Kevin have returned with the lead single off their upcoming album, their first since 2009 and their departure from Hollywood Records. “Pom Poms“, the kitschy, catchy, marching band-inspired pop track shows a more mature side of the talented brothers. Are they old enough to be singing about wanting “milkshakes” and the desire to drink them all up too? Apparently so.

The accompanying music video, which premiered on April 2, set in the middle of a school football field in a middle of nowhere town, features the high school’s marching band, the town’s local church choir and numerous girls dancing around in provocative outfits. The video has a lot going on, but somehow it all comes together to create a fun experience representing the return and growth of a once young boy band.

Pom Poms” is an uptempo pop track with its highlights being the unexpected change in key and the high notes brother Nick hits towards the end. The chanting of the young girls was a bit unnecessary, however, it’s just a slight misstep in the strength of the cute, not-to-be-taken-too-serious nature of the comeback single. After the brothers went their own ways with respective solo albums and a reality television show, it is clear they have returned better than ever.