It is always nice to learn about a good pop release from an artist or act from somewhere further afield than the UK, USA, or Scandinavia. In fact, all the places we have become reliant on for our fix of good pop. Every now and again, Israel flags up a fascinating pop proposition or two. Ivri Lider, his band project The Young Professionals, Aviv Geffen, Nadav Guedji, Netta and Eden Alene being good examples of Israeli pop makers we have covered on this blog. Now I can add Noa Kirel to our list.

In her native Israel, she is regarded as a pop superstar. Banked numerous hit songs and has taken home the MTV European Music Award for “Best Israeli Artist” four years in a row (2017-2020). At just twenty years old, she has set the bar high whilst primarily singing in Hebrew. There is definitely the potential to ramp up her profile higher still. Becoming a global phenomenon is not off-limits with her debut English-language single, “Please Don’t Suck“. A super bubbly pop release boosted with earworm-catchy motifs and an unforgettable refrain, as she pleads, please don’t suck. And that life catches her a break.

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“I’m very excited to release ‘Please Don’t Suck‘ as my first global single. This song is about the little things that can make or break our year or relationships! I hope we can look back and find some joy and laughter in it all and push forward to a year full of positivity after 2020 sucked. Enjoy!” – NOA KIREL

One way to describe her provocative but cute style is that it sits between Britney meets Ariana Grande. You will not have to go far into this track before noticing just how show-stopping Noa’s vocals are. Her global superstar potential is so obvious. The glossy video for the track supports this theory. In the clip, it looks like she is on a speed-dating kick. One by one, she ticks off possible suitors. Perhaps this is Noa taking more guidance notes from Ariana by also saying thank u, next.

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