Joel Adams

YouTube is a starting platform for many aspiring young singers, the instant engagement it offers is a valuable commodity but when you earn yourself a viral hit off of it, it can be considered a complete game changer. In-part this is exactly how cherubic Australian teen singer Joel Adams came to prominence, but first acting as the catalyst for all the ensuing digital media adoration the not so small matter of an X Factor audition and a super cute rendition of Michael Jackson’s “The Girl Is Mine”.

At the time panellist Guy Sebastian was quite bowled over by Joel’s vocal tone and was freely giving of the glowing comment “What I’m so excited about, is you’re so early on in the piece. Man, if you’re that good now. Imagine how good you could be in a little while? That’s crazy!”.

You know what? A couple of years down the line and Guy was totally correct in his remark!

After exiting in the bootcamp heats, Joel has since developed his melodically soulful vocal chops to emotively endearing effect by continuing to share various cover songs up pon de YouTube.

The blue-eyed youngster, still in his teenage years has got himself some management and they’ve done a stellar job in overseeing Joel flourishing into the excellent performer he now is.

I am quite reduced to more than a melting moment at how mellifluously captivating the whole production has been managed. Unbelievably the soft pop debut “Please Don’t Go” purely owes its rapidly growing success as a fan powered song. It is doing more than alright as it is, but is only a tad short of becoming something so much bigger. For this is a little independent release that is nestling Joel on the cusp of a major pop career. I can just smell the sweetness of future success this from thousands of miles away. If I can be moved to think of Joel Adams “Please Don’t Go” like this, it needs a somebody or PR to plot out its impact to radio and TV and make Joel a star, because as Guy Sebastian predicted, he’s really coming into his own now.

Holla somebody that has the power to do this, sort this!

But I invite everybody to come get misty eyed with me, as we watch Joel go walk about amongst an idyllic forest floor, piping out his sensationally arresting debut single to the birds and the bees, the antipodean’s creepy crawlies and light form anomalies.