Róisín Murphy isn’t the kind of pop artist you can easily raise comparisons too. Intentional or not, her career has been steered around innovation, pushing boundaries and diversity in her music. She came to the forefront of our minds first as one-half of alternative-dance duo Moloko and subsequent solo release of the highly acclaimed “Overpowered” album. People tend to overlook that there was another album “Ruby Blue” sandwiched in between, these two chapters of Róisín’s career in music. Or that the singer’s debut solo release passed off in an alternatively experimental vein. In this respect, we’ve come to know “Overpowered” as Róisín’s disco record.

When she returned with follow-up long-player efforts “Hairless Toys” and “Take Her Up To Monto” after taking a break, many of those fans accrued from the “Overpowered” era, found it harder to connect to the new, forward-thinking material. The singer’s seasoned fans remained steadfast in their support though ultimately, encouraging Róisín’s artistic streak to continue and develop at the discretion of her artistically, creative ideas. In May of this year, Róisín announced a series of four 12” singles produced by Maurice Fulton would be released across consecutive months this summer through The Vinyl Factory. The first of songs “All My Dreams” / “Innocence,” played a big part, bridging the gap between the fondly remembered disco queen Roisin and that of the pioneering, cutting-edge artist Róisín. The second pair of tracks “Plaything,” and “Like” take the cross-over direction further.

The multi-faceted artist has definitely got her A game in place for “Plaything” she’s directed the video for the dark, funk groover. Her voice as strong, and seductive as ever. The music is dreamy, heartfelt, and intimate. The visual reflects the singer’s unique persona all while reinforcing her position at the electronic music scene’s cutting edge. About the series of exceptionally personal videos. In Murphy’s own words. “All My Dreams“, the first was about, my first rave experience at Shelley’s in Nottingham and represents a naive youthful burgeoning club culture. This the second, goes darker, we have moved on a few years, and by then I had seen people be swallowed up in the euphoria.“

Whether you connect with all of her creative output or not, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind Róisín Murphy is a true adventurer in the music world today, and is constantly exploring new ground.

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