Reigen 2

Incoming and currently amidst a transition of grass roots level music making bolstered by a clutch of live performances todate, Brooklyn based bedroom pop artist Reigen proves that with creative vision and an all-encompassing sound knowledge of composition to lean upon, pop that comes out of the bedroom studio can be every bit as good in intuition as some expertly guided productions.

Reigen is clearly someone who isn’t just playing off the bat with ideas though, also being that it’s kinda a Brooklyn requisite in any case, that most music that hails from this particular New York burbs is hella endowed with a trademark standard set in good, is a lot to contend with.

In introducing “Play It Cool”, Reigen’s artistic intent is reaffirmed upon, whilst playing out in an organically demo derived electronic aura. Yet it suitably complements Reigen’s soul soaked vocal tones so well.

Magnetically inviting from the get go, Reigen’sPlay It Cool” packs in plenty of promising attributes that beg to be taken to the next level – out of the bedroom, on the stage and onto the radio waves.