Did you perchance not find anything appealing in Friday’s new release playlists? Might this be because you did not pick up on our advice mentioned many times in this blog, and you do not yet follow Myylo? Should this apply to you, dear reader, there is no need to start fretting. The singer-songwriter has been very kind to us lately, bringing out an abundance of new songs. Plus, you’ve still got time to check out his latest offering, “Pink Boy Heart.” It is one of our favourites and is soon to become a favourite among you, as well.

No degree in rocket science is needed. Myylo has penned a cute little love ode, that is all. Only that is NOT all. The importance of this track is that he is expressing his need for warmth, tenderness and intimacy with another man. His softer side is revealed in the frank, honest lyrics.

“Baby I wasn’t joking. I want to hold you tight. I feel my pink boy heart exploding. Whenever you stay the night.”

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Myylo does not only wear his heart on his sleeve in the lyrics. In expressing his vulnerability, he went the whole hog. Like he made his intentions as strikingly obvious as he possibly could do. In the video clip directed by Byron Gamble, he dressed up (for the UK) as a giant pink, walking Swizzles Love Hearts sweets, Sweethearts candies (USA). He has the phrase ‘Be Mine,’ printed across his chest. As a whole, his displays of affection are adorable and heart-melting. Who would not be touched by a declaration such as that? In other words, these actions are not at all corny (even if they slightly are.) I feel sure Myylo is not one of a kind in this respect. Everyone deserves kindness and love. Watch the video to discover if Myylo finds his ‘True Love’ sweetheart match…

Stateside readers, take note. Myylo is going on a mini tour in August/September. We highly recommend you book tickets (HERE). There is never a dull moment at a Myylo show.

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