I am not going to allow this summer to whizz by without featuring a hot emerging, Latin pop talent on the blog. While the boy band CNCO do have a huge slice of the pie in this arena, they are not the only ones who to have their music picking up traction further afield from their home shores. I know this because there is this seventeen-year-old kid Jay Ulloa, noted for appearing in the YouTube top streamed Brat series “Chicken Girls“. He has also been releasing music since 2017. Lately, the youngster has started mixing up his home blend, venturing into a Spanglish cross-over style. His newest offering “Perdóname” is dripping with intoxicating, Latin-pop vibes. Somewhat befitting of a mini Ricky Martin.

Since recently graduating from school. Jay is further forging ahead, establishing himself as a music artist. For now, his image is kinda wholesome, but feel it won’t be long before signs of coming of age, change things up. Summer, heater “Perdóname” has a cute charm about it. It’s just an endearing song about asking for forgiveness, basically because of screwing up in a relationship and not thinking things through enough. Also about being the bigger person and realising to stretch out an olive branch and straighten things up again.

To be fair, this track will go down swimmingly, with a few Pina Coladas and suits a spin around the dancefloor. Even though he has still got the innocent teenagery looks, he has a definite allure of future heartthrob potential. To suit. There is exactly the right amount of sexiness emitting from this song. Definite swaggering beats and no going overboard. I dislike seeing kids grow up to fast. But I gotta say, I have a feeling Jay Ulloa might be completely a different kind of super hot in like three years from now. With thoughts like that, it’s my turn to say “Perdóname” and pass me another Pina Colada, please. I gotta cool myself down.

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Twitter: @jayulloamusic