The current X Factor run of auditions maybe proving to be second chance saloon for many previous auditionees and contestants, however, former live show finalists man band The Risk continue to evolve with their own smooth identity and direction. Although, the timing of this cover release of 112 / P Diddy’s “Peaches & Cream” during the beginning of a new X Factor Season does raise the question; do we consider this as merely coincidental?

Post X Factor there remains a staunch fanbase, and for their loyalty the suave harmonisers are fed enough by the creative media budget to produce a stunningly slick and racey video in visual promotion of this silkily harmonised track.

The Risk have scored some hot honey’s, slick wheels and dip in the paint pot to splash a touch of colour tone onto the video’s monochrome ambient palette.

Furthermore, I am in no way averse to watching The Risk get their freakiness on in this furtively risqué presentation, oh come on, do any of us not enjoy the buff boy meets pin up girl gets freakiness on scenario, it’s as old as the hills but practically always a win.