I always thought there would come a time that I talk about the latest alternative-pop sensation YUNGBLUD on the blog, but didn’t imagine it would happen because of the collaboration “Patience” with multi-talent KSI. Of course, I know who KSI is. It is hard not to come across the creative YouTuber force when he’s been gaining traction with music releases raking up a billion streams on his debut album, and taking part on popular television shows like Celebrity Gogglebox. Oh and for that matter participating in a boxing match with Logan Paul (that my sons stayed up all night to watch at an ungodly hour.) KSI has the tendency to turn up in places. It feels nowhere is off-limits.

KSI is known as a rapper and YUNGBLUD pop-punk/rap but both are equally branching out making their presence felt in other areas of popular music as well. It is interesting to note the pairing have brought on board another rapper Polo G for the new offering. And that “Patience” is distinctively anything but a rap track. A big weighty 80s vibed pop track instead.

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“With the energy of YUNGBLUD and the style of Polo G, I bring to you another banger for people to enjoy”, says KSI. “The song is called “Patience” and it’s very fitting for everything we are going through right now and what we’ve all been experiencing collectively during this lockdown.”

The trio sure, do pack the pop vibes in on “Patience.” Coming from three different music artists whose style’s are quite different from one another. That they’ve become segued into a ball of pop mastery really is a feat of crafting. As much as all three are the stars of the track, it is YUNGBLUD’s contribution that has the edge for me. Although really not surprising since I know Dominic’s (YUNGBLUD’S) music the best out of the three. When all said and done “Patience” is an A1 pop release, watch it ascend to the top of the pop charts.

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