I expect after seeing the above headline, our readers are pondering: Didn’t Cobra Starship break up? Am I right? Yes, readers, you are correct in this assumption. Collaborating with the sparky Swedish duo Icona Pop. The American dance-pop band released their final track, “Never Been In Love,” in 2014. The collaboration came about after Cobra Starship turned out an eargasmic remix for the Swedish duo’s anthem “I Love It“. (Check it out in our Blog archive HERE). It is with thanks to these stunning releases and countless other successes. That it is not in the least surprising to see why the band remains so beloved.

The reason why I am writing about Cobra Starship today. “Party With You” along with the track “Beautiful Life” (long lost songs from the band’s personal archive) are to appear on a reissue of their third album “HOT MESS“. (Out Friday 25th February 2022, forming part of 25th Anniversary celebrations of label Fueled By Ramen. Where month by month through, 2021 they have reissued a classic Fueled By Ramen release on limited edition silver vinyl).

Looking back through our blog archives, I noticed that we gave the band shout-outs by name. The sad thing is that they never received a feature of their own. It is never too late to put things right. Right? In light of all of this, I decided Cobra Starship should get their long-awaited feature on EQ Music Blog today.

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Kudos to whoever was savvy enough to seal these vibrant electro-pop morsels in the vault for safekeeping. The fact that they were written a decade ago doesn’t matter. A decade later, they still sound hot as fire. In addition to the “HOT MESS” reissue. “Party with You” and “Beautiful Life” form a double A-sided digital release, “Tracks to the Future“.

The video is vibrant, hyper-real and colourful. And just the right amount of crazy in places that the clip is enjoyable albeit slightly goofy to watch.

I’ll admit that I was completely unaware that the band had briefly resurfaced with new music. There was no need for me to follow them since they had disbanded. However, it was a no-brainer that I would post about “Party With You” because of the pure 80s vibes it gives off. I am glad the band came back and thanked the fans with one last bop. As good as when Cobra Starship were at their peak of success.