If you’re a new band on a budget and spend all your cash for studio time, then the answer for your video is either to go creatively DIY or trendily rummage through the archives for a nostalgic slicing of vintage frames.

To be honest the latter appears to be hotly on a surging growth of trend at the moment spring-boarded back a couple of years ago by Yolanda Be Cool’s global monster hit “We No Speak Americano”, but anyway I’ve come to find that whenever a reel of vintage cinematography hits on the impact of a debut release and band like this over recent months, moreover it works like a silver screen dream.

Adhering to this winning formula come Boston based synth/rock 5 piece Magic Man, with an indie pop golden nugget of Passion Pit leaning, gossamer gleaming synths and jaunty lyricism, that quite rips the tin also in a St. Lucia kind of way, on debut “Paris”.

Soaring into the stratosphere tied to an indie pop rocket of instant Hype Machine fame, Magic Man cause a well-deserved buzz.

Once you’ve sashayed your flapper dress and twizzled your feathers with the chorus line, collect up the FREE Download from the Soundcloud.