Following on from “Devil’s Lips,” released in 2021. Australia’s Alfie Arcuri returns with “Overtime.” A poignant, catchy song outlining the mental health crisis facing Australia’s music industry. Since following his music releases. I have come to recognise Alfie achieves his most significant milestones by opening up conversations and broaching sensitive talking points, such as inclusivity and equality. It is a pattern that continues for the new song “Overtime,” where he speaks about mental health and openly shares a little of his own struggles with anxiety.

He has a history of writing songs that are emotional and authentic. Alfie excels in the lyrics of “Overtime” due to the direct and raw approach he uses in this latest offering. He elaborates on how feelings associated with experiencing a dark episode (depression) affect him.

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“I was running all the time in a race that wasn’t mine. (Couldn’t be myself). Still spend my time lost in my mind looking for light,” he shares while confirming that he still struggles with these emotions and dark thoughts.

This piece of music is indicative of the mood due to its dreamy melody and use of soft electronics. Elsewhere the music video is where Alfie and his good friend and renowned photographer Jez Smith explore the topics of anxiety and depression further.

“The concept behind the music video was to take the viewer on a journey inside the mind of someone suffering from anxiety and hopefully shed some light on this very real crisis”. Alfie explains.

The clip comprised of footage shot on mobile phones shows a shirtless Alfie, consumed by his thoughts, pacing around a dark room. The interpretation is even more effective because Alfie uses a lot of facial expressions.

Alfie’s smooth voice, coupled with soulful lyrics, create a hushed yet dramatic mood. He is showing vulnerability as real strength. If you are affected by “Overtime” as I was. The haunting visuals will not leave your consciousness, and neither will the poignant song be budged from your head.

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