Olivver the kid is the solo project of Bryan Sammis, one-time drummer with American rock group The Neighbourhood. He began putting out music under this new moniker some three years ago, releasing EP’s “Freak” and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” These collections of tracks allowed the singer, producer, musician to introduce electronic elements within his style of music. And also continue honing his storytelling style of lyricism. He has also been recording as one half of duo La Bouquet but for now, has new Olivver the kid material to share with the single “Overreacting.”

Sammis has really turned up the gas on this new track “Overreacting“, it’s far more melodically grounded than any over of his previous solo output. A proper bop fit for dancing your socks off too which holds onto the cool parts of indie edginess without falling in a sinkhole of generic EDM style bangerdom. The Olivver the kid project has always been cooler for keeping a little reminder of Sammis’s rock star past, which just fleetingly makes its presence felt with a few jangly licks of a guitar. Pleasingly this effort is a slick modern pop song, where the synths in it are a lot reminiscent to the unbridled electronic waves, Jean-Philip Grobler’s band St. Lucia is renowned for.

The accompanying video is somewhat surprisingly upbeat, a touch glamorous even with the appearance of a golden version of himself. The concept behind the visual is a commentary on our relationships with ourselves and also forms the basis within the “Ego Surfin‘” EP which the track stems from. “This EP is in itself a self-reflection & projection of who I am in the day & age where everybody is somebody,” says Sammis. “The song is about realising the normalisation of art around you. Knowing that artists & peers are capable of showing so much more emotion if they just let themselves go. Rather than what they are “supposed” to do.”

The track “Overreacting” embodies the perfect combination of electronic indie and all out great pop. Ultimately a satisfying and intelligent production, a triumph in every sense of the word.

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