Photo: Tory Williams

Come out of the shadows Indie Pop kids, quick, quick with you, go grab your flashlights as we’re now gonna go throw some shapes and have ourselves a street / warehouse party instigated by American indie synth makers Little Daylight.

The American trio break free from their numerous and notable remix works that has seen them introduced to the blogosphere over the past year, to strike an original chord and catchy chorus of their own making by debuting their first original tune “Overdose”.

Soaring and fuzzing synths irresistibly swell the air, cutting the tribal indie atmosphere with a misty pop vocal ignited by a recipe of Blondfire breathing flair serving a glitchy anthem commanding rainbow of driving synth shimmer.

Indie pop tunes as enthralling and mind engulfing as this can rain down on me anytime and I’ll just keep on soaking them up with an insatiable thirst.

FREE DOWNLOAD available via link

Clink, cheers, salute Little Daylight!

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