Little Daylight 2

New York electro pop trio Little Daylight certainly opened the floodgates of buzz at the beginning of this year, when the outfit that had built themselves a reputation for nailing some impressive remixing skills, branched out and debuted their own original material.

Guided by a surging hook line that was so infectiously pop gold and like a pied piper attracting a following, the instant draw to Little Daylight’s debut synth pop anthem “Overdose” had the music blogosphere (including myself), literally falling over ourselves to pour praise upon it’s majestic pop worth.

With such an all round positive response from the taste-making fraternity, the three-piece found themselves swiftly inked with Capitol Records and immediately out on the tour circuit buddying up aside Charli XCX, Bastille and Marina And The Diamonds, in promotion of their first single proper “Glitter And Gold” & “Tunnel Vision EP“.

And so to round off the year, “Overdose” one of 2013’s perkiest pop tunes is getting the full official release and a stylistically hallucinatory artistic new video treatment to reflect it’s über pop perfect status.

As this tune so utterly fabulous, I have no problem dosing myself up in all it’s electro pop gloriousness some more.