I have heard many good things said about Camden Cox, but as of yet, not paid as much attention to the emerging singer-songwriter as I should. I know she has been making waves in the dance music sector. Although I tend to take better notice of the pop/alternative side of the electronic genre. When browsing through the new music releases on Friday. I absolutely sat up and paid due notice to Camden’s banging new track “Over“. For the first time, I listened carefully to her work. What struck me most was how exquisite her voice was.

Actually, I couldn’t help but listen, as there was something immediately Robyn-like about the song that appealed to me, obviously. Although I am no expert on her. I feel sure, “Over” is quite unlike any other Camden Cox track. She should consider working in this euphoric, dreamy style of EDM more. The use of softer synths helps give Camden’s vocals the prominence they deserve.

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Speaking about the track, Camden says: “Over” is about those moments immediately after a break-up. They’ve ended it with you – but they’re still there. I feel like a lot of people will have experienced this during lockdown. It’s a claustrophobic, confusing, numb feeling that will only sink in once they leave! You can’t let go or keep your hands off each other; so, is it really over?”

I feel like the track should pick up some heavy radio rotation. It has an instant buzz that is on point for both pop and dance coverage on the radio.

The music video definitely tells a story because of closely matching, the emotional lyrical narrative of the track. What strikes me about the clip is how fabulous and glamorous Camden looks even though she is wrecked with heartbreak. I guess, sometimes, we have to keep some standards up. Camden certainly looks great in the footage of this truthful and relatable clip.

Camden Cox is really onto something with the crossover, pop/dance style of “Over“. I really can’t get enough of it. Hits repeat for the 27th time.

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