Nathan Sykes

Tissues at the ready everybody, Nathan Sykes is coming through with a weepy ballad as the follow-up release to his critically acclaimed soulful debut “Kiss Me Quick”.

The former member of successful boyband The Wanted is really giving us an altogether different insight into his musical tastes by shaping out his debut releases in about as much of a diversified manner as he could possibly choose to lead us.

Whilst, Nathan has already let slip that his upcoming debut album which is due out next year, is one of two contrasting factors, unleashing a soul side and a more contemporary pop approach. He has certainly set about launching his reinvent with the accomplishment in parallel to that of a very focused performer.

It is said of the album, there are expected to be a fair few heartbreak pop songs making the final cut, owing to the fact that Nathan has written the lyrics from a very personal place. Meaning of course that we’ll be getting in parts, some of the emotional overflow from his break-up with his high profile ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande channelled into the package.

Not so, on sophomore single “Over And Over Again” though. Nathan has gone quite the reverse infact in a very big, teary-up’d spectacular piano ballad kind of way.

A story which chronicles a bond of everlasting love, befits a perfect balance in giving a real emotional depth to this stripped-back ballad.

Nathan has gone all out to reveal his romantic side in presenting a heavily story-lined visual centred around a coupling falling in love and taking all their devotedness and sentiment onwards throughout their lives. Right up to their life journey’s end.

Expect to get more than a little emosh towards the close of the song, you will shed happy tears FACT! Did you happen to see what effect it had on Nathan’s fans when a select few got invited to an exclusive premiere screening? Just take a look at this here first! the majority of the audience were sent into a watery eyed melt-down.

If that’s not the mark of an extra special pop performance I don’t know what is!