After premiering his debut single, “Outta Nowhere“, back in April, the fierce and fashionable KennyD spent the following months filming the pop/dance track’s accompanying music video. Featuring a huge splash of energy and an intricate choreography routine, the up and coming artist decided to keep the new visual rather simple, opting to focus on his strengths instead of a diluted story line.

Outta Nowhere” is a solid first effort with fast-paced verses and an infectious hook and chorus pulled together with a dance-friendly beat. “I need to know what we could be, I think my heart just skipped a beat”, the artist sings with an bright smile on his face. The four-minute music video showcases KennyD‘s love for singing, dancing and fashion while never losing the message behind the track.

“I wanted people to see the video and enjoy the performance. I wanted to people to see what I can do. I can sing, I can dance, I can perform,” he says. “The fact that it’s simply me singing and dancing with back up dancers is so powerful to me. It brings me back to like the early 2000s when you got to see their awesome outfits and the dance moves that made you want to watch the video over and over again and learn the moves yourself.”

The triple threat artist has heart and talent. The fun, energetic video is a good first step to a successful career. It doesn’t hurt that the actual track becomes quite an earworm after a couple of listens. Does “Outta Nowhere” make you want to dance with Kenny D?