If I were to describe the pop artist I am writing about today as a singer-songwriter who has made an art form out of penning self-deprecating lyrics. I wonder if EQ readers can figure out who I am speaking about? In particular, I hope that at least some EQs thought about the Boston-based singer-songwriter Yavin. That I have written about on this blog a few times. Because of his vulnerably endearing tracks “Hot“, “handsy“, and “I Don’t Really Know What’s Going On“. Since this means we all appreciate he is a humble and an extraordinary songwriter talent. Seeing that Yavin’s songs can be relied upon as both heartfelt and distinctly quirky, he is an independent artist I look forward to hearing about. With his new track “Outgrow Me“, out today, again he gives us something distinctively his own.

In one of the most pared-back offerings yet. Yavin uses “Outgrow Me” to discuss friendship dynamics. And to further muse about, how time, changes these bonds.

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“As a twenty-something that was recently christened into the club of late-twenty-somethings. “Outgrow Me,” details the feelings that come with losing touch with the people that made my early 20s worthwhile. Growing up is weird. Although you can wish the best for your loved ones. There’s always the lingering fear that they’ll eventually outgrow you”. Yavin explains.

What I noticed about Yavin. Is how poignant and yet how tenderly he expresses the traumatic episodes that helps shape the lyrical narratives in his music. In that, he never fails to move me with his touching songwriting style. Nor his engaging vocal performance and adorable music videos as well.

As a DIY artist, simplicity is key when translating his heartfelt lyrics to visuals. More often than not. Yavin gets involved with the video making process. For “Outgrow Me.” The visual aesthetic of the “Outgrow Me” video treatment. Takes on the trope of a door showing how much a child has grown. Thus as can be seen as describing an allegory for friendships on their last legs. It is important to realise also, that with the help of his father, they built the entire set for this clip. This is another commendable example of Yavin bringing an incredibly fresh, and unexpected quality to everything they do.

In support of the release of “Outgrow Me.  Yavin is producing his own benefit show. The show, “Out Tonight”, has an all-queer line-up. (All proceeds go to Trans Resistance MA – the leading organization for the support & protection of trans BIPOC in MA). Tickets and more details on the 22nd September show HERE

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