Hola to this party starter!

DJ Inox and Adam Joseph have a super fresh track out right now – “Out Of Control” which is pressing all the right audio pleasure seeking buttons, with us.

No strangers to collaborating together Polish DJ Inox and American singer/songwriter/producer Adam Joseph produce the goods with a slick dance tune, that is bumper-to-bumper exhilarating and fruity full of Europe pop flavours.

Seriously, disco ecstasy is reached way before this track nears its run time of just over 3 mins. It would be a feat for anybody not to become instantly tangled up in these frenetically, pulsating beats of DJ Inox. With the added dynamite in the mix of Adam’s powerhouse vox, this is a one big room banger that commands attention and is damn fire sure to earn it from near and far.

What earns this release some extra EQ kudos, is the fact that there’s no wall-to-wall capture of sweaty clubland action in the video. Instead there’s some very nimble rhythmic dancers and an over-sized hoop, that comes between them and ultimately brings them together in a dizzying spin, before we even catch sight of a confetti cannon or smoke machine raining down on the clubbers paradise.