There is a new electronic-pop duo I wrote about a few short weeks ago. The New York, queer-fronted outfit named King Vagabond. They are a duo creating a stunning concept in a realm of it’s own for themselves and the music. On their debut release, “Rule The World,” we saw King Vagabond flex their creative muscles. Taking their artistic cues from the court of King Arthur, no less. They topped off this bold statement with walls of synths and powerhouse 80s pop sounds. While introducing lyrical narratives that go under the microscope. With exploring identity, queerness. Empowerment themes and navigating the music industry.

The duo follow up their debut with the no less epic offering “One Night.” Here we find the 80s synths even more prevalent on the track. I feel the EQ blog readers will especially, make haste to get into this one. A press release declares. “The indie electronic soundscape compels listeners to dance, speed down a highway, or stomp down the NYC street sides like they are a runway”.

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Examining “One Night“. On a musical note. The duo taps into Depeche Mode using moody dark electronics. While simultaneously embracing, the high energy dance-pop as stylized by the 80s British pop duo Go West. However, like its predecessor. The supercharged track “One Night” is accompanied by shadowy tones. These creep into the lyrics.

King Vagabond frontman Joey Dean says, “There is a mystifying allure to a live show. However, for us as artists, this fantasy is met with what feels like a desperate plea to attract fans”. He adds, “It often feels like we are embattled with ourselves in pursuit of external validation. As we balance expectation and authentic expression.”

The video takes a step back into a fantastical realm. Where performers confront conflict head-on. Battle with duelling medieval Knights.

Some of us do not get to live out our youthful fantasies. King Vagabond is, however, doing just that with aplomb. Name me another active, alternative electro-pop act implementing elements of history with grandiose, electrifying pop. I cannot come up with any. Can you?

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