Even after they’ve been together for some 30 years, I love that New Kids On The Block are still known as the new kids! Plus you’d never think by looking at them that they are advancing into their forties (Phwoarties more like). I could insert some comment here about how they’ve gone from boys to men, but then that would be a totally different band, I’d be talking about.

Donny, Danny, Joey, Jordan and Jonathan have ticked over quite a few albums in their time and in recent times they have still successfully continued in this vein. Next up will be the release of an EP, “Thankful”, which will drop in May and skimming over the track listing of “Heartbeat”, “Thankful”, “One More Night”, “Hard” (Not Luvin U) and “Still Sounds Good”, I think it’s fair to conclude that this release has been made with their loyal fans in mind, as it does appear me that they’ve been wanting to give something back to those who’ve supported them throughout the years.

The first single plucked from the EP is “One More Night”, granted it’s a bit more down-tempo than we’ve been used too but more power to them, the vocals and the lush harmonies are still there and even though they might not be leaping around so much as they used too in their music videos, each and every one of them are giving the wistful gazes thing their all.

Lastly I won’t hide this under a bushel, my New Kids On The Block crush was always Jordan Knight and as a maturer man right now, my opinion hasn’t changed one bit. Le Swoon!