Midnight To Monaco

When you listen to music to the extent that we do in our championing of new and emerging artists. Diligently sifting through submissions and checking out leads. To stumble upon a track that just will not leave your headspace for months on end has got to be telling of how gripping in importance it is.

Right from the moment I picked up on “One In A Million” by Midnight To Monaco, it has held a massive fascination with me that has seen to occupy my leisure time by racking up a sizeable play count on streaming stats alone.

The whole sonic presence and driving pulses though-out the track have quite had the powerful hold of mesmersing me under its spell. Rather much like, when mentalist Derren Brown can cunningly have you unsuspectingly in a mind lock of surrender that you probably do not realise has actually happened.

This is the sum of what “One In A Million” has come to mean to me.

I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what the video might bring to the meaning of the song though. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be top and tailed with explicit content, marking the duo’s debut in pop video making.

Even though the song lyrics, shaped a dark undertone of enigmatic and underworld bubbling tones. That Ricky and Donnie struck out with a storyboard so provocative and nearing censorship, is really a move which will court some controversy to say the least.

Choosing to depict a darker vision of what goes on in LA life, Ricky appears as a failed actor, who is intent on creating the impression that he is of the successful Hollywood set. However, it transpires just the opposite leads him into foregoing some dignity to the expense of unsavory doings, just to make ends meet.

The impending cult like status of the highly captivating “One In A Million” seems to know no end. It’s definitely one deserving of being revered for all time.