Since piquing my attention with the track “Love Is Overrated” earlier this year. The solo project of (Rasmus) flyckt continues to hold my interest. (So much so, that I’ve gone rogue and couldn’t wait for a press release to drop into my inbox this time. I felt the connection with the music and wanted to share my thoughts about it.) And because the former member of the Swedish band Urban Cone commits to his promise of new music with “One Day.” A track that revolves around the topic of dreaming up and seeing plans through, with an eye firmly stuck on the future.

“One day we will make it right. One day everything will be fine. One day she will love you. One day you will love her. One day the world will be a better place. One day you’ll have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.” flyckt coos. “One day” is a song about that ‘one day.’ I feel like too many people have this mindset where they’re like ”yeah one day I’ll do that”, including myself. Why not today? I feel like this is a time where there are no more one days.” Flyckt comments via Instagram

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During the lockdown, what have we had to do with our time but dream about the things we’d like to do once being free of restrictions? Is dreaming not the way we’ve got ourselves through the strangest times we have seen? Also, I do know what flyckt means by our hesitancy, putting things off or giving our plans a rain-check. Possibly the biggest lesson that has been learned in the last twelve months is, living in the moment more can be good for us. In the Sofie K Skoog directed music video we see the singer with too much time on his hands. He finds ways of filling up the hours by doing the simplest of things. The overriding sense is, this is a repetitive cycle he is longing to break free of. Applies to each and every one of us now, I think.

flyckt is giving us emotive, honest songwriting teamed with a furious, melodically catchy allure. A gem of unadulterated indie-pop. A tantalising insight into what else he has in store for us.

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