Ayala 1

It’s pretty much written that if Cahill has its grip on a track it’s coming at us as certified banger status. The latest in a series of tracks that have lined themselves up in my inbox with a hand-in by the production trio, is that of emerging dance pop diva Ayala with their buzzing effort “On My Way”.

Brit chic Ayala turns in a white island performance as she solidly impacts upon a top draw hunk of club ready juiciness that’s lauded with über energy and the stylish finesse of a proficient artiste who has absorbed, honed her collective singing, songwriting, musicianship skills and worked her way up the pop mountain to launch via a potently hook enriched anthem, pumping with a distinctly euro pop sensible outlook.

First impressions from Ayala, are proving to be the stuff of remixers dreams as aside from Cahill, chart toppers Joey Negro and Andi Durrant amongst others are already piling onto Ayala’s addictively alluring creations that absolutely provide a deserving work canvas to be lavished with club weighted dynamics.