Ellie Goulding

I rather like this new track from Ellie Goulding, so I do. Granted it’s not playing into her major strength of heartfelt pop balladeering but nonetheless, it is boasting a super catchy Max Martin manufactured hook that has the tendency to buzz around the head and mind for days.

The accompanying video is also a bit of a strange one for Ellie but in a good way in that she’s upping the ante and having a bit of fun at the expense of being a bit whack for once. I so get it, the song is out character to what we presume we know of Ellie so why not for once go the full measure and go as out on a limb in the video as well.

Just throw it all in there, horses, casino’s, beauty salon’s and some teasing topless shots. Anything but what the consumer would consider to be your average Ellie Goulding video.

Make it all of what nobody would suspect of you and get us talking the talk about it. “On My Mind” has pretty much seen to this in full measure I thinks.

Anyways like it or loathe it, it isn’t Ellie riding a horse through a casino that has got me whipped up in the absurdity of it all. For me it is Ellie under the hairdryer in her curlers festooned in a feathery gown that is everything.