Photo: Timothy Saccenti

I just live for new pop videos from Chromeo. Let’s just say Dave 1 and P-Thugg pretty much nail how to transport me back to the magical glory days of the pop music video explosion which properly erupted into life throughout the 80’s and with the help of MTV behind the format.

Take the video clips that have previously seated themselves around Chromeo’sWhite Woman” album campaign, “Come Alive” and “Jealous”, each shot with the nostalgic feel of the 80’s era evident, as in a condensed feature length movie. One up on the teen flicks but in every way packed with sought 80’s entertainment value.

So, I’m not certain if it’s the case that the pop glowing “Old 45’s” from the “White Woman” album is getting an official release, but an official Chromeo suited and booted video has been made, so the probability is erring towards high on that count I would say.

In the latest escapade the Funklordz make their way out to a Roadhouse where of course they have their flirty eyes clocked on the fitty fillies that stop over for some refreshment.

Not that the video is without it’s injection of usual Funklordz high-jinx, highlights include Dave 1 flexing his George Michael wiggle at a Jukebox, the HAIM ladies popping in for jug of ale, spontaneous group evolved choreography and a bar room blitz to finale.

It’s so 80’s, so Chromeo and such a way coolio video.

These guys are so charismatic and translate well to the zany spoof like format, so much so that they are beginning to feel like trailers to me – “Chromeo” the feature length movie has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?!