SOPHIE is regarded as one of the most forward-thinking producers in electronic music right now. She launched her debut EP “Product” two years ago and, the glitchy style of bubblegum hyperkinetic production by the mysterious artist has seen her become a highly sought-after collaborator among PC Music-makers. Both, Charli XCX and Madonna have worked with the Scottish wunderkind but, even with these attention-grabbing credits, the enigmatic artist has conducted her ascent out of the public eye, keeping her identity under wraps. Things changed a few days ago she nearly broke the internet when she released a video to accompany new single “It’s Okay To Cry“.

What brought planet pop into melt-down, was that we not only get to see SOPHIE for the first time and, also hear her sing but, unlike her favoured, edgy, pioneering brand of production the reveal disclosed a much softer sound than might have been expected. Nonetheless, the sweetly shimmering track has a lovely calming vibe which doesn’t play up to a rebellious or controversial aesthetic. The charm is all with SOPHIE in her moment of glory.

Ordinarily, the technology aspect of the producer’s work is, heard in the niche production style that she is best known for. However, the table has been turned on this track allowing the CGI animated visuals to grab this attention. The song itself does feel different, softer, refined, delicate and endearing, especially when compared to her contributions on the LIZ track “When I Rule The World where she has a production credit.

Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, SOPHIE is slowly opening up a little about herself and her music. For the intrigued, there’s a good interview, with Interview Magazine that’s a great way of understanding her better. I know what I think already, she’s bursting with charisma, coolness and likeability, a prediction for pop stardom beckoning in 2018, can’t be far off the mark, I would say.

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