Tich 2

She maybe a pocket popstar in the making but when emerging artist Tich puts together a tune it’s a big pop sound that is delivered.

After making waves with the quirky wonky pop offering of the recent debut single “Dumb”, Tich colours us in with her bright and peppy outlook that she brings through in the follow up “Obsession”.

It’s all super cute smiles around as Tich waxes lyrical about her over fondness of one particular guy that has caught her eye and well she can’t stop thinking about him all the live long day long, so she’s set her teenage emotions to a sugary infectious tune, which has all turned out rather aww and knocking on the door of charting pop with a radiance of a fresh and peachy waft of pop bubbly froth, that we being pop savvy aficionados would gleefully jump into and soap ourselves all over with this effervescently fresh and youthful pop elixir.