Tesla Boy

To say Tesla Boy’s video clip for “Nothing” is quite the thriller in essence, entered into psychological surprise, maybe isn’t so much the image we are accustomed to recognising of the Russian synth-pop outfit, even though we have witnessed the band some way embracing dark themes previous to this.

Nothing” is where the band go in for the creative kill, by exploring what lies deep in the mind. In this specific instance relating to the character of Anna, who we see re-constructing disturbing events which lead the young lady question into a precarious situation. As we are lead-on, supposed to surmise that she, the villainess in this, is ultimately carted off down to the clink.

Now for all the synth boldness of the song, delivered by Anton’s deeply resonating, wounded vocals of which we have already given our thoughts on. The visual on this goes in for the full measure of psychological darkness themed around the sinister side of relationships, which behind these particular closed doors amounts to a display of fully intimate sexual activity and cold blooded domestic violence.

Yes it’s a hard hitter that goes against the grain of behaviorally acceptable conduct. Breathing a tale of fatal attraction portrayed at the hands of the female lead Anna. No matter the troubled waters which Anna is seemingly treading, she is nothing but a good actress to her credit. She really quite insightfully pulls in a re-constructive performance detailed of the unsavoury events leading up-to-down her down fall. The worse of it is the faceless dummy, of who we know represents Sergei in this tragedy. It’s all more than a touch chill-down the spine thriller as we literally witness tormented Anna succumbing to twisting in the dagger in deep.

For all the disturbing content, it cannot be brought into question that the visual aesthetic end result is something to quite marvel at. And in the strangest of ways it is actually quite hauntingly beautiful.