Say Lou Lou

So, Say Lou Lou held out on the video to the intoxicating dream-pop anthem “Nothing But A Heartbeat” until today’s global release of their debut album “Lucid Dreaming”.

Now it’s arrived, it’s all good in bringing the complete ethereal synth-pop package together, as Miranda and Elektra have gone especially epically big on this occasion tying in all of the darkly dreamy themes played out on the album into one final visual showpiece short film.

This is an exhilarating show stopping video fuelled of surreal thinking and suspense. It gives it all and goes way above the bar of the standard pop video thinking.

So yup you’ll need to pull up a chair and switch your brains from pop video to cinema mode whist remembering at the end of it all it’s promotion for an album, a pretiily spellbinding one at that!