Time to reconnect with the Dutch alternative electronic-pop duo CUT_. As they give us a taste of their debut album with highly melodic, and visceral single “Not Addicted To You.” These two Dutchies first struck out in 2016 with “Tune In Tune Out,” one of the most original styled debuts I’d come across in some time. The Leo Abrahams (Imogen Heap, Brian Eno) mixed and co-produced track proved to be a slinky little mover. All the more appealing because of it’s intriguing off-centred beats. This was followed by tracks “Undertow,” “Electrify,” and “It’s On” where Sebastiaan Dutilh and Belle Doron have gone on to hone in their style. Smoothing down jagged edges. Refining their artistic intent. Where the end product still pulsates with exciting energy.

Going into the album with “Not Addicted To You” the duo have lost none of their cool vision. The melody plucks industrial edged beats from the catalogue of new-wave greats as in pioneering bands from the genre Depeche Mode, Japan and Visage, which are brought up to the modern day by way of a powerfully, dynamic aesthetic. The beats kick in with a razor sharpness and continue in this way throughout. Playing their part as a vehicle, running alongside Belle’s hyper-cool and moody vocal. Where she coos out a woeful story about a toxic relationship, and how it has an element of excitement, which she cannot altogether, resist.

The music video is a stark one. Belle’s bid for escape from this fractious situation is to jump in a car and go travelling, as a back seat passenger of a driverless vehicle. She’s out there on a road trip through the countryside and coast, taking stock of the circumstances she finds herself in. Through day into night, mulling over choices and options, serious in thought. The visual clip has a melancholy beauty as clean and distinct as the music the duo, create. CUT_ are happily ignoring all genre boundaries while sporting a thoroughly modern electronic style identifiable and unique sound to them. If you like spine-tingling grooves and moody soul-stirring vocals you really must get onto them pronto.

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