Upon release of their newest album “L’Ere du Verseau” (translates as “Age of Aquarius”) the French dance-pop duo YELLE recently threw down the gauntlet saying they would only be able to make another music video if one of the new songs got used in a TV commercial. Well, what a surprise that is exactly what has happened. The peppy, electro-pop effort has been picked up for the Kia Sportage Black Edition JPO campaign in France. Usually, we scoff a bit at, pop music being used to endorse product placements, but in COVID times when no live shows are happening, and the monies are not rolling in as readily, every bit of promotion becomes stellar. On this account, YELLE can count themselves very lucky indeed, their plea didn’t fall on deaf ears.

YELLE are synonymous for their arty and stylish music videos. Also being such a treat for the eye, the epitome of using cool fashion-forward aesthetics. For most of us quite honestly, it is the music videos that help us connect to Yelle’s music as readily as we do. Purely because the visual elements step up as a translator of the lyrics since the duo record exclusively in French, only. Yelle releasing a new single without a supporting music video is much like buying a car without an engine inside. The vital component is necessary to keep everything ticking over in working order.

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I was never taught French at school. My understanding of the language is at most rudimentary. I do know noir translates as black, and thus, with the Giant directed music video as a guide, I have worked out that the song is a homage to the most ultimate fashion staple. The LBD (little black dress). Also, this being a Yelle music video and all, everything about it is smacks of style, elegance and chic. “How are you dressed tonight?… Me, I dress in black.”

With “Noir” we are given a reminder, why Yelle is one of the most compelling of international electronic-pop acts. If you haven’t caught up with the album “L’Ere du Verseau” yet make sure to give it some ear time when you can. Its tres, magnifique. Successfully showcases the bands hyper-cool identity and distinctive, signature electronic-pop stylings.

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