What is wrong with me? BT has a new album out “The Lost Art Of Longing” and, I haven’t written anything about it on EQ yet. I got distracted with my head up in the pop clouds methinks. Bloody Hell, the new release is his first dance music-oriented album in seven years, as well! The moment I realised the faux pas I made, I placed everything else on hold. Listening to this new epic undertaking from BT became my number one priority, above all else (except for eating, sleeping, regularly washing my hands etc.) To be honest, I felt like I needed the escapism, to dive in and become distracted off-course, from what has been going on in life, with the guiding light of a big, electronic heartbeat. “The Lost Art Of Longing” is perfect for this.

The album (two years in the making) is spectacular. Not one track on it isn’t entirely, engaging. It is art, which draws from BT’s many facets. Cinematic pieces. Electro/synth inspired tracks. A little bit of BT’s speciality… trance. As seen on recent pre-album release track “No Warning Lights” featuring Emma Hewitt (the Australian singer synonymous with appearing on trance numbers with Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz, Armin Van Buuren.) Emma previously teamed up with BT and Tritonal for the wavy, trance banger “Calling Your Name” in 2013.

The emotional lyrics of the track speak of dealing with suffering and loss. Or might it be about, an event which never had a chance to start off because there was always an obstacle like powering waves which could not be overcome? The lyrics allude to either. What I do know for definite is, the track is a suitably, dynamic, mix of adrenaline rush and chilling beats meets with a beautiful, affecting, haunting voice. So stunning, in moments, the combination of musicality and vocals took my breath away. As the full splendour of “The Lost Art Of Longing” similarly also does.

The album is awash with collaborations, guesting vocalists etc. BT sings on a track, this time. I’ll leave you to find out which one. If you’ve been wondering, Christian Burns whom BT formed the project All Hail The Silence with (which we’ve raved about many times on this blog,) also appears.

Have I given you enough reasons why you should check out “The Lost Art Of Longing“, yet? – Teaser below.

Seriously though get your listen in because you NEED to get your questions ready! Tomorrow 19th August at 3PM EST / 8PM GMT / UK time BT will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/electronicmusic/

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