As soon as “No Sleep” by Vox Eagle kicked up a beat, I knew that the song was going places.

This is the debut effort by the Aussie/American duo formed of friends Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel, and which they decided to venture out on after playing in another band together. The reasoning behind forming this new project being their mutual tastes in music, in the main and that they wanted explore are more electronic sound.

Who better than a band to pen at song about life on the road and living out of a suitcase etc. Whilst it be must thrilling to cover the globe like this, driving around to the next gig and waking up in a different place every day. It is equally surprising how tiring the travelling part can be, least of all the constant adjusting to time zones. Not only this the desire to explore your new surroundings, from day through night when the adventurer within takes over. Ultimately will lead to some level of fatigue. Cue the title song of the upcoming EP “No Sleep”.

The track itself has a lovely hazy pop vibe and a lot of it reminded me of early Penguin Prison. That’s no bad thing as Penguin Prison is someone who I hold in high regard for the way in which he constructs his springy songs.

The supporting video follows the gents during one of their road trips, it crams in snapshots of the places they pass through. It is never more of nature’s treat to marvel at the break of dawn and the fresh start of a new day, as it to experience the neon lit city-scapes at the end of the day.