James Wolf 1

Like a cannon of sparkling ferocity, emerging pop figure James Wolf nips out for a bop at the club and bite to eat and whilst out about town, makes a pop video for his prominent debut single “No Danger”.

OK maybe we coloured the facts and it’s not quite like that!

Actually, the former Bitches With Wolves front man, deals a storyboard built around instant attraction. Impulsively its that eye to eye moment in the club that fuels up his inner tiger and he’s not going to allow the capture of his heart to make a quick get away. No, no, let’s put it this way, he’s not going to let up on the spark of the moment he’s going to make sure that she is aware of his interest and to be honest stepping out in a jazzy jacket as eye catching as some of Mary Berry’s doesn’t really lend to being seen as a shrinking violet now does it! We can see you James, I’m sure she can see you too!

And btw, if he wins her heart or looses out we still L.O.V.E. James’s effervescently stonking pop anthem.