I am of the feeling, EQ Music Blog hasn’t seen its fair share of neon and sequins in a while. Bling withdrawals have set in. So, I would like to introduce you to Nykki who is obligingly about to be giving us quite an eyeful of both shininess, and the boldness of Stabilo boss colour. As the Czech raised singer unveils the video clip which supports her debut track “No Cry“.

To tell the truth, Nykki is already regarded as a bit of pop sensation back at home in the Czech Republic. Formerly having her own TV show followed afterwards with a stint in the Pink Angels (a Czech girl band, who modelled themselves on Little Mix.) She is leaving all of that behind for a stab at going solo, in the pop arena. She is off to a good start because the debut release “No Cry” is what you might call a bit of a booty shaker when it gets going.

The song is rhythmically upbeat and is indicative of the, I don’t give a fuck, mood, the singer is experiencing as she sings about dumping her boyfriend because he’s no good. The lyrics tell of cutting herself loose and not giving into tears. She affirms “We can go our own way and we will survive. No cry, no cry. No cry, no cry.” Nykki has gone right to the heart of pop to make sure she came out of the gate, firing on all cylinders. Enlisting writer and producer Tim Deal on the song (he has previous credits with The Saturdays, Girls Aloud, Lily Allen, Felix Jaehn and Tom Walker.)

Nykki brings pop to life with this catchy number. Fun candy-coated pop music to lift the spirits. The debut is a sturdy foundation for what could easily be a bright future for the talent.

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