Since we’ve not been creatively shaken up so much by The Knifes latest opus “Shaking The Habitual” we’ve tuned our ears instead on to the debut offering from an enterprising new Swedish export called For BDK.

The duo formed of Adele Kosman and Marcus Borrman lead us to sonically lush soundscapes that they choose to describe as “drugbeat” on debut single “New Ways Of Digging Deeper”.  What it is though is intoxicating, mellow and affectively layered with elements of ambient tones sandwiched betwixt a mid-tempo dance twist of subtlety chugging drum and bass.

New Ways Of Digging Deeper” purrs so coercely reaching out with a hugely compelling aura of calm and depth that it’s simply easy to immerse yourself into the sensually abundant layers of cozy warmth that seamlessly flow and not in anyway feel as though you’ve been doused in a full 6 minute symphony.

Full marks to the clever Swedish people again, fact is I simply didn’t want  for this to end.