Danish superstar came to the worlds attention because she appeared as the featured vocalist on the 2015 Major Lazer and DJ Snake dance hit “Lean On.” The release firmly put her on the ascent. We haven’t lost interest in her solo career, it has continued to flourish. As an artist, however, she works in a fusion of styles. Musically, it is very unlike her to stay in one place for more than a hot minute. She thrives on constantly changing things up. Releasing her third album, “Motordrome,” has prompted me to write about her today. And because the latest single, “New Moon,” has also dropped.

If the word Motordrome conjures up for you what it does for me. This will mean we both have the 2015 Tina Turner smash “We Don’t Need Another Hero” (Thunderdome) from the Mad Max movie playing in our heads. Although it is a sensational song, we need to erase that phenomenal track from our minds for a bit. MØ’s “Motordrome” is an album jam-packed with cool, idiosyncratic, hybrid electro-pop tracks. The 10 track collection seamlessly flits from one style to another. “Motordrome” the title, came from a conversation MØ had with her mother about her battles with anxiety. The panic and intrusive thoughts called to mind the “dødstrome”, which is an old carnival trick in which a stuntperson rides a motorcycle around the vertical walls of a motordrome at death-defying speeds.

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Regarding the latest track lifted from the album, she says,

““New Moon” is a song made to manifest a new era. A song about regaining control. To me, it is a reminder to listen to myself. Trust my instincts and not let external forces blur my vision and get me stuck in a spiral. I hope other people get the same energy from it.”

In my view, “New Moon” is a standout electro-pop offering from the album. The emboldened style of the track when teamed with a danceable beat escalates its status as an anthem. Going back to the movies, the video unleashed for “New Moon” is very, epic, widescreen, cinematic in style. The clip directed by London based Fon and Fa sees MØ thrust into a powerful post-apocalyptic world. Her force is so great that if a stray rock were to come hurtling towards her, it would bounce away as if it were a snowflake. A power shift has occurred, and MØ is in control.

I missed the track “Live To Survive” when it came out, you should definitely give this one a spin as well. You will particularly like the dark disco vibe of this track if you are a fan of “24 Hours” by Agnes. They both share a similar aesthetic.

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