We have only mentioned alt-pop songstress Kyla La Grange briefly, perhaps just once on the blog before. I do remember being intrigued by her mesmerising, vocal and use of minimal electronics. I must have liked it quite a bit actually because I signed-up, for her mailing list. And I have just started getting alerts that she is releasing some new stuff. It has been five years since she last had music out. For this new chapter, she is pursuing this project on her own as a completely independent artist. She has just put out “Neverland,” a song she wrote about self-doubt and make-believe.

2021 Kyla Le Grange is exhibiting even more of an electronic vibe than her former self. Overseeing the production on the track is Liam Howe (Lana Del Rey, MARINA, FKA twigs and Ellie Goulding). His inclusion on this track. Says a lot about the enveloping, sonics and warmly pulsing electronic style of it. The song lyrics suggest it has been written about finding an escape in dreamlike realms and imaginary worlds. 

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Speaking on Instagram, Kyla dedicates the song to โ€ฆ

“All the late-night conversations I used to have with myself when I thought I wasnโ€™t good enough at being an adult human & the friends Iโ€™ve been so, so lucky to meet who pulled me out of that”.

A video directed by James Wolf features Kyla returning home after spending a magical night out with friends. Her thoughts run deep about never wanting this night to end.

“I’m still staring in the mirror at 3am, sad to wash the glitter off. I’m still scared to make decisions, just breathing in.” She coos. “I just want to live in Neverland forever with all my friends. You make me feel like I’m forever young. (lyrics)

After unleashing this gorgeous track (both ethereal and hedonistic.) I am really looking forward to hearing what Kyla puts out next

Kyla’s third album “While Your Heart’s Still Beating” is out on January 21st, 2022 . Pre-save HERE / Limited Edition Vinyl HERE

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