When I’ve written about the wonderfully emotive pop of Sweden’s CRONICLE before, the lyrical content has always run really deep. The former frontwoman of Swedish pop-punk band Tantrum to Blind definitely brought over some grit, and rawness of her early career into her latest venture. Both of the previous singles “Bruises” and “Self Sabotage” captured purposefully, poignant songwriting and musicality as a way to translate the feeling of emotional and mental pain, which she has been carrying on her shoulders. Sure these tracks were written as an aid to unburden and freeing oneself from a painful past. CRONICLE’s skill at writing, especially tender pop tracks shine through with such clarity, that she almost blinds me with how dazzlingly sincere her songcraft is. Dang, she must have been through some real heavy trauma in her past as “Need U to Want Me” is another sad but brilliant pop song.

“This is an anthem for one of the hardest actions someone will ever have to do for themselves. The moment when someone decides they deserve better than being used for anything other than something real and true. That moment when it’s time to cut all the strings, burn everything and fall back into self-love”- CRONICLE

There is no doubt that the latest effort is made of stirring stuff, but oh how the track implants visions of 80s Swedish pop rock duo Roxette in my mind. Whether unwittingly or intended (although, expect not) the vibes are there, all Swedish and achingly emotive. Now more so than ever, we need to pay special attention to the beautiful, supporting music video, because of the intimacy portrayed within it. Music videos made in the immediate future will not look like this, for some time yet, with social-distancing measures in place. Definitely, something else we should bear in mind, as the music, film and entertainment industries brainstorm ways of getting back up and running while negotiating the necessary restrictions, being imposed on them, presently.

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Twitter: @CRONICLE__XI

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