I won’t lie. Last weekend I spent a big chunk of my time reliving my youth. I was listening to the (Deluxe Edition – 2022 Remaster) of the Rick Astley debut album, “Whenever You Need Somebody.” I had such fun on this nostalgia trip. When I wasn’t listening to Rick or checking out the blog submissions. I was spending some time listening to the emerging alternative electronic artist pop Liz Cass. To tell the truth, this wasn’t the first time I’d looked at her. As a matter of fact. In the last few months she came to my attention, on several occasions. Her new offering, “Near Miss” is the style of track I’ve craved to hear from Liz, and I feel more invested, in.

She’s, picked up acclaim from Notion, Clash and Wonderland magazines. They praised her intimate lyrical style and minimalist production. On the track “Near Miss” Liz broadens her horizons somewhat. She treats listeners to bright electro-pop and a shimmering synth arrangement. I was advised that this song, had a Caroline Polachek-like energy, but I am getting more of a Christine and the Queens vibes, from it to be honest. Nonetheless, it is a departure in sound for her and one I would like to hear Liz explore further.

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“The song shows a different side to me and comes from a less melancholic place”. She says. “I was in a better headspace when I wrote “Near Miss,” and wanted to reflect that with some really uplifting pop. There is no more wallowing from me… At least for a while!” She muses about the latest song to be taken from her forthcoming debut album “The Words” out on October 21st via Ultra Records.

During the video, she explores the idea of reverse gravity, embracing change while reflecting conflicting feelings. Director Conrad Gamble shot the clip around Liz’s favourite East London spots.

In my listening session with Liz Cass, I felt that she faces her own reality head-on, making confident and fearless music. Moreover, she’s blossoming into an interesting electronic pop proposition. In the meantime, she has proven to me that she can handle the bigger sounds, splendidly. I’d say she’s hit upon a winning combination here. One thing is clear – Liz Cass is the alternative electronic pop queen ready to take the world by storm in 2022.

Liz has a live show at the Laylow – London, September 12th – (Information here).

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