Shift k3y

Hot damn, on-the-rise hitmaker Shift K3Y has got me feelin’ on his new jam “Name & Number”.

Ordinarily known as Londoner Lewis Jankel, but when assuming the Shift K3Y moniker, the burgeoning singing/songwriting, producer/DJ talent packs it all into his tracks. Last year saw Shift K3Y come through the masses of production steered chart bound offerings to storm the mainstream charts with debut “Touch” together with follow-up hit “I Know” observing dance chart honours.

Whilst Shift K3Y hasn’t exactly been pumping out his garage-house tracks with any regularity, since he’s busy working on his debut album, they remain quality work nonetheless. As in new single “Name & Number” which now follows suit, enabling Shift K3Y to turn old Skool into too cool for nu skool beats. It’s dreamy, it’s practically soul directed EDM and Shift K3Y’s vocals are just ringing out in perfect harmonic tones above the signature bleats of seismic bass.

In taking the boy clocks girl narrative of the song to video Shift K3Y has kept it current by staging the storyline around the theme of obsessively using social media, to the point where practically every part of this particular party gathering is framed by some form of gadget. Revealed below in all its snap chatty, selfie and Instagram alluding hyper interactivity.