Since our Viber chat with emerging soul-pop songstress Iman, we’ve been waiting out in hot anticipation for the “Naive” visual to drop. Not only because Iman’s impeccable vocals hang in the air with a sense of real class and sophistication likened in the same timeless similarity to Oleta Adams “Get Here”, but additional to this, as Iman revealed to us, she would be immersively involved with the co-direction and editing of the visual package also.

A completely self-independent releasing soul sister in every sense of the word, Iman does not disappoint on the polished outcome of the elegantly alluring, full-packaged end product.

Not playing into any particular structured storyline as such, Iman pours all of her creative expressiveness into connecting with the slow-flowing yet, dreamy involved movement of the song, doing so using plenty of lingering camera shots, which focus on the lovliness that is Iman herself.

Going in-depth on the song narrative, “Naïve” comes through strong with an implicit approach of being openly honestly, of laying exposed real felt emotions. Playing a bigger part in recapturing some of the first flush of innocence and the thrilling level of excitement it gives off, which is all too readily ebbed away as we grow and mature through life. Thus acting as a reminder, the greatest kindness in seeking enlightenment and happiness we can impress upon ourselves in life learning are to be intuitive of our instincts. Ultimately remaining true to ourselves.

Or in the short – Karma will out!

Between the level of artistic accomplishment and stylish execution on display here, our gaze is firmly transfixed on nothing but the blissful inner and outer beauty exhibited of the delightful soul chanteuse on-the-rise, Iman, for sure. She’s one classy lady whose focus, foresight and vision all come together bonded as her greatest strength and assets. With strong evidence pointing towards that of being more widely known as a simply superb, young developing multifaceted talent, moreover.