Roosevelt’s glorious self-titled album is one that keeps on spawning, singles of melodic, synth layered goodness. If you haven’t discovered it yet, then you really should, not least because every stroke of production has been perfectly executed but as a whole singer/songwriting/musicianship package it’s seriously tight and setting the bar high on all accounts.

To be absolutely frank any one of the album tracks could find themselves up for single release consideration, as it’s chocka full of options. Whoever is behind deciding what makes it through to be marketed as singles has quite an unenviable task on their hands to my mind.

There is longevity in Roosevelt’s debut long player that’s for sure, largely amounting to the fact that there’s something to shape every mood in this collection of tracks.

Since being out on the live circuit Roosevelt is now homing in on what is proving to be a fan favourite, the shimmering nu-disco number “Moving On”. Featuring hazy electronics and a slight Balearic feel to it, “Moving On” seems as though it’s crying out for placement on a compilation soundtrack that’s specifically designated to enhancing the mood on a summer night.

Not wanting to lose sight of exactly what “Moving On” is narratively all about, the video acts as the real focal point which brings out the story of the lyrics. Look upon it as an endearing characterisation of hitting a bump in life’s road, with the processor of the mind going into overload, with questions, thoughts and feelings. Roosevelt shows this by in jumping onto a moving, theme park attraction, like ride. Where it takes him on a journey of the past, present and the future.

If that all sounds too heavy going, it actually isn’t because there’s plenty of neon shapes a glow in it which makes the whole idea behind this video, 3 counts or more striking to look at.